Moving an oversized object is not easy; you can injure yourself, damage the item or even take forever to execute the move. Here are some tips to help you move an oversized item with ease:

Measure Everyplace the Item Will Pass Through

Some items are too large to pass through regular doorways, staircases, gates or even hallways. Therefore, if you have a large item, don't assume that it will pass through all these areas with ease; measure every place the item is meant to pass through and then measure the item to confirm that it will fit. If it won't fit, give the information to your movers in advance so that they can come prepared for it. Remember that you may need special permits or trucks to mover gigantic items that may interfere with other road users.

Dismantle As Much As You Can

Many large items are only large if they are transported as they are; dismantling such items reduces their sizes considerably. For example, a sizable metal lathe (machining tool) would be big and cumbersome to relocate as it is, but you can dismantle some of its sections to that moving it becomes bearable. Note, however, that the dismantling and assembly should only be executed by a professional to minimize the risk of damage.

Avail Custom Crates

Most large items will not fit in regular boxes or moving crates; even those that do fit may not be adequately protected. Therefore, if the item you are moving is delicate and should be protected during the move, get a custom crate for it. This is also something a professional moving company may help you with.

Prepare a Good Rigging System

In many cases, the actual transportation of a large item is not the problem, but the loading and unloading parts. You can make loading and unloading a bit easier if you have a suitable rigging system. This is a system of ropes, hoists, pulleys and other tools and equipment used for moving heavy or large items. Professional movers have such systems and use them regularly so you don't have to worry about rigging if you are using professional movers.

Keep Safety Topmost In Your Mind

Lastly, don't forget about your personal safety when moving a heavy item. There is a big difference between dropping a small box of books on your feet and letting a heavy piano drop on your feet. It is not just the issue of dropping heavy items you should be worried about; other risks including injuring your back when lifting heavy items, injuring or killing your pets or cutting your hands or fingers. Both skill and equipment are needed to prevent such injuries.

Of course, these are things that professional movers understand all too well. That is why your best bet of moving an oversized item with ease is to let the professionals handle it. Contact a company like Smith Dray Line to learn more.