It doesn't matter whether you're using your self-storage unit for the long or short term; you should keep it clutter-free and organized. Taking time to organize your storage unit will save you the time of sifting through a mess whenever you want a specific item. Here are some helpful personal storage organization tips.

Create an Inventory

When you have many items in your personal storage unit, you'll have a hard time remembering all of them. To keep track of everything, you need to create an inventory of all the items stored in the unit. When you start packing, record each item in your inventory. It's also advisable to take photos of the items.

Make sure you update your inventory each time you add or remove an item. Use descriptive labels for all the boxes. It's easier to have a digital inventory in the form of an excel spreadsheet than the laborious task of keeping track of items on paper.

Organize the Unit by Priority

Refer to your inventory list and highlight the items you think you'll need most often. For example, you may need your winter coats in a couple of weeks. Whatever you need to access regularly should be kept at the front of the storage unit. Those things you'll not need in a long while should go to the back corner of the storage unit.

To make it easier to find items, use labels. For example, a label like "bedroom" isn't specific since you could have several bedroom boxes and have a difficult time finding your winter blankets. Make your labels as specific as possible. For bedroom boxes, label the boxes based on what's inside. For example, "blankets," "coats," and so on.

Create a Map of Where the Items Are Stored

You don't have to include boxes that are visible on your map. The map should be for those things that are buried inside the storage unit. In your map, divide your personal storage space into sections and list the box numbers in each section.

When you need to access something buried at the back of the storage facility, you can use your inventory and map to find it without going through all the boxes. A map also comes in handy when you're in a hurry and want to access an item or send someone else to retrieve an item.

Use Your Space Wisely

Part of organizing your storage unit involves creating space for easy navigation of the unit. Create space by filling dressers, drawers, and cabinets with small items like documents, books, and DVDs. You can also place small items under tables and desks.

To ensure your unit is well organized and accessible, avoid stacking boxes. If you must stack, put boxes with the least used items at the bottom. However, make sure the boxes at the bottom are heavier than those on top.

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