Is this your first major move? Without past experience to guide you through this process, you will need to start from scratch and learn about everything from hiring local movers to packing and transportation. Before you start to plan your in-city or short-distance move, take a look at the top moving myths and the truth behind the benefits of hiring a pro to help.

Myth: There's One Type of Moving Estimate

All estimates are not the same. While there are three primary types of moving estimates, not every contractor will offer each one. A binding-not-to-exceed estimate is a popular choice—especially when a long-distance move is involved. As the name implies, this estimate is binding (agreed upon). But it also provides a maximum (the not-to-exceed part) price for the service. If you choose a company that uses this type of quote, they will estimate the total weight of your to-move items. This translates into the maximum price for your move. A higher actual move-day weight won't cost you more. A lower actual weight could cost you less.

Unlike a binding not-exceed estimate, a non-binding quote can change if your belongings weigh more than projected. A binding estimate won't cost you more on move day. But if your haul's actual weight is less, you won't pay a lower rate.

Myth: Every Mover Offers the Same Services

Yes, all movers offer transportation services. But this is often where the similarity ends. Some contractors offer full-service moves. A full-service option is exactly what the name sounds like—the mover provides the full range of services (from packing and organizing to transporting and unpacking your belongings). Other movers focus on specific populations or customers—such as local office movers. An office moving company specializes in commercial moves and can help you to transition your small business from one space to another. A company may also offer one basic service or a basic move that comes with optional extras. These add-ons could include moving fragile items, instruments, or awkwardly-shaped items. Other possible options include purchasing packing materials, planning, and packing services. 

Myth: Moves Are Always Stressful

Moves are often complex. From coordinating a same-day move-out/move-in to organizing two homes, this process has more than a few "moving" pieces. But this doesn't mean that moves are always stressful. If you have concerns about a high-stress move, start with the contractor. A professional eliminates the need to worry about organizing your boxes, bins, and bags or transporting heavy furniture from point A to point B. Professional services give you back time and energy. This allows you to relax on your moving day and creates a stress-free (or low-stress) transition. 

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