Movers move tens of thousands of people every month. That is no joke. It is not a joke either when you cannot find something that you were certain went on the moving truck and is nowhere to be found. It is not the fault of the movers that this one item has gone missing either. Like all of your other things, you should have put a label on it. Here are more ways to protect your stuff and make sure your movers know exactly how important these things are to you. 

What Your Moving Labels Should Say

When you put moving labels on boxes and things of importance to you, there are several things the labels should say. Your movers should be able to look at the label and read:

  • Your name
  • Your destination
  • Where you expect the movers to put this box or that piece of furniture once they get to the new home
  • Your telephone number in the event that the rest of the information wears off or is illegible 
  • Whether or not you have rented storage space with the moving company in the event that something cannot be delivered as promised or goes missing and then turns up again. (Then the movers can put your items in your storage unit until you can claim them.)

If there is anything else particularly noteworthy about a box of items, make sure you list that as well (e.g., fragile, handle with extreme care, etc.).

Taking a Full Inventory of Everything You Own

Along with labeling everything, you should create an inventory list of everything packed and everything loaded. Have a few boxes after each item. There should be one box each to check off for:

  • Labeling
  • Packing (if applicable)
  • Loading onto the truck
  • Unloading from the truck

In this way, you can keep track of everything that is yours. When your movers ask you if you have everything, and ask if you are sure you have everything, you can take one glance at your list and answer with absolute certainty. It is extra work, but it beats driving fifty or more miles back to your old abode to grab the box you left on the kitchen counter!

Your Extra Preparations Mean That Everyone Works Together Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Sure, all of the labeling and inventory sheets create extra prep work, but they are exceedingly helpful. Nobody gets stressed out or upset on moving day. Everyone works together like a well-oiled machine, and all of your most beloved belongings get to the new home.