Whether the actual distance is short or long, the act of moving a piano is vastly different than that of moving a refrigerator or couch. In fact, much more effort is required to ensure that a piano is moved safely from one place to another. Anyone planning to move a piano in the near future can use the following information to help ensure that their instrument arrives safely, no matter how far it must travel. 

Location issues

The first thing to consider when planning to move a piano is both the current and future locations of the piano in question. Either location can offer problems that will need to be solved before the move can be completed.

For example, locations where it will be necessary to navigate staircases, elevators, narrow hallways or small doorways are some common moving issues that may require special attention before the piano can be moved. Piano owners will want to closely examine all aspects of the route from where the piano currently resides to where it will be relocated to before beginning the actual move. 

Equipment and labor

Piano owners will also need to ensure that they have the proper equipment to safely move a piano, along with enough labor and a truck that can safely move the instrument. When making plans to rent, borrow, or buy the necessary equipment, piano owners should ensure that they know the dimensions of their piano and understand how it will need to be lifted and moved to prevent damage from occurring.

The furniture dolly will need to be able to easily support the size and weight of the piano. When borrowing or renting a truck for the move, look for one with a covered cargo box and a power liftgate large enough to easily raise the piano during the loading process. 

Packing for protection

Protective padding and moving blankets are excellent choices for protecting a piano during the moving process. If possible, lock the keyboard cover to protect the keys before packing the instrument. Then wrap each part of the piano completely, taking care to cover the entire instrument while also ensuring that no tape is allowed to touch the wood surface. 

Piano owners who feel unsure of their ability to move their piano safely from one location to another may want to consider hiring a reputable piano moving service. These professionals have the skills, training, and equipment to ensure that your piano arrives safe and sound. For more information, contact a company like Pro Piano Movers.